Take The Fall

by Kids These Days

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Our third EP


released October 15, 2012

Recorded at Bad Lab Studio by Dan Pilla & Justin Hollis
Mastered at Bad Lab Studio by Dan Pilla
Produced by Dan Pilla and Lawrence Theckston

Guest Vocals of "Signal Hill" by Lawrence Theckston



all rights reserved


Kids These Days Clementon, New Jersey

A pop-punk/hardcore band from South Jersey. RIYL Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years, Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals.

Eric Goldhahn
Dave Pritsky
Dan Morgan
Korey Ottmuller

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Track Name: Signal Hill
On the top of a hill at the peak of our high time
My mind starts to fill as I reach for the skyline
Looking over an ocean of evergreens

So name me a price on a place I call perfect
I’ll spend a lifetime, you know that its worth it
I’ll follow it up with a lifetime of guarantees.
Already halfway there, but close behind these troubles follow
and I don’t really care, nothing really matters

take me to that place that I think that we should go
I’ll show you the only light that I have ever known
Sweep me off my feet don’t put me down
Well get high on words until were all burnt out

And I feel like I should spend the night
But when I wake up I'll be dazed and confused by a sun that’s shinning bright
And when I look out, everything just seems so worthless
And I know for a fact the things I miss still make this worth it


Landed my feet on something solid
Freed my mind from fears of falling down, falling down

Take me to that place, that I think that we should go

(Chorus) X2
Track Name: Roll The Dice
eyes set to kill upon a second hand thats moving way to slow
ill take the hour glass and dump the sand and set the time unknown
i said enoughs enough.
(theres so much out there i have yet to see.)
im climbing out of my own rut.
(A better person i have yet to to be.)

set the stage and pile all our chances in the spotlight
i wont waste a minute of your time, ill show you im right
sanity is breaking at the bend and only getting worse as i get older
hold on to my head afraid it might roll right off my shoulders, here we go...

I dont want to live my life not knowing about the backroad.

so ill just save my breath and bite my tongue
refrain from my excuse
so lets roll the dice, how can you blame me if the price is right
im empty handed but im better off with none at all
I've got nothing to lose

up til the crack of dawn trash all on the lawn and were good to go
this place is always a mess
these days are always the best
(im never standing alone)
im sick of all these stupid problems, so many stupid ways to solve them
so frustrated
border line intoxicated

all along you always been the air that kept me breathing
play your song, the metronome's a heart that wont stop beating
promise me this is not pretend, or every grain of sand is a second wasted
guided by the hand, home is only where you wanna make it, here we go...

i dont want to live my life not knowing about the backroad.


when im lost for words ill rip apart the thoughts inside my head
torn apart and longing for a needle and a thread
to piece me back together and rid me of this mess
im tangled once again.


the clock is ticking and i think im running out of time
its time to shout it out, we shut up for far too long
so pay attention when the answer sits before your eyes
you think its all been right, all this time its all been wrong.
Track Name: I Shouldn't Have Bought Her A Smartphone
So many questions shouted out
And I've been tryna figure out
As this burdon weighs me down until I fall
Is this really what went down?
Cause I know rumors get around
But this awkward situation says it all

I'd love to stay
But why the hell should I?
You ask me why?
When I know you know
You're not fooling anybody else tonight
So I just thought that I'd let you know

Don't wait up 'cause I'm taking my good time
with eyes wide, tryna see just what I find
The good life and I'm gonna taste it.
Wasting good time in all the wrong places
It's not that I hate you, its just that I stay true
I can tell your words are fake
By thoughts you speak when your lying through your teeth
Another stupid lesson learned
funny how these tables turned
Now your the one who's calling out
But I show no concern

Track Name: P.S. This One's For You
i've been trying to find that perfect line
and had no luck this whole damn time
the smell of hopes under my nose
open up those bloodshot eyes
wake up from feeling sleep deprived
i've finally found what i call home
and i don't stand alone

don't sell yourself short on what you believe in
i never thought i had a life worth living
but now, my eyes are open