Manifest Destiny

by Kids these Days

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released February 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Kids These Days Clementon, New Jersey

A pop-punk/hardcore band from South Jersey. RIYL Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years, Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals.

Eric Goldhahn
Dave Pritsky
Dan Morgan
Korey Ottmuller

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Track Name: 80 MPHandoff
tear the foundation to the ground
rebuild the new life i have found.

I'm on to all your ways and oh,
your dumb disguise it doesnt fool me.
You can't hide that awful smell from
all the bullshit that you threw me.
I can't wait til it catches up to you,
remember what I said that night and realize it's all been oh so true.

I've come to realize I am out and on my own,
when no one else is down
I'll hold my breath and watch the whole world drown.

Carry on I'm leaving now
left my regrets in my old town
it makes me wonder why it took so long.
Holding on just held me back
now I know just where I'm at
I'm driving in circles around the parking lot.

There's something here not right
this epidemic keeps me up at night
I turn around but I still see it all.
And nothing in this life is free
what lives in you is dead in me
you're looking for some sympathy
but I've got none at all.


You're talking change and I cant stop laughing
I'm taking bets that nothing will happen.
(You want the truth? Well you're just a lie
'cause you're blind as hell can't tell that you're trapped inside.)
This one goes out to kids on the outside
the ones holding it down on the sidelines
it's by choice we cast aside
and they just dont know why.


Track Name: On My Way
Wake up 'cause my mind is made up
I've finally got some self control
The voice in my head keeps on calling
You can't get up if you keep falling
down that road again
The one that seems to never end
The one that leaves you wondering
what's around the bend

You made it obvious
but played so well that i couldn't resist
before you drive me mad and write me off
you can drive me home and drop me off
All this time you played your games
and I played right along
but this is not the time for us to start over
it's 5 4 3 2 1 game over

I was hoping the the best would come my way
differences were set aside
I thought i'd put my trust in someone
I found that i still trust in no one

Now, I'm out
Out and on my way
I'm picking up the pace
been across the starting line
there's nothing for me to hold on to.



I was hoping that the best would come my way
Differences were set aside
Track Name: No Matter What
It's 3 A.M. on a Monday
I'm wide awake and I'm tryna get some sleep.
So I close my eyes but can't hide the fact
that I'm tangled in these sheets.
and when I wake I'll be beat
from the amount of sleep that I've lost.
you've been on my mind for all this time
but now i've figured out what you're all about.

Jump down to the bottom line
and tell me why
I feel the way I do.
I cant drive you out of my mind
'cause the one way signs all point me back to you.
There's a hole in my heart that you fell through,
I got something to tell you that will put me right back where i want,
right here next to you.

I'll hesitate til my chance passes by.
I'll kick myself when all thats left is just a last goodbye.
I've wasted all this time I lied to myself when I never had to.
I just read inbetween the lines and I'm just finding out that it's all been about you.
We're falling no one can save us
we're calling out but no one out there hears us.


I can't fight the fact that im stuck in a one track mind
I'll just fall asleep and fade away as time goes by.
Wake me up when things are alright
I'm tired of pretending that I'm just fine.

(chorus) X2
Track Name: ...And You Were There
Do you remember the times
that we'd pile in the car and turn the radio up loud
We're going out
Always, the songs would turn to static
when we got too far from town.
And did you ever stop and ever wonder
why these days go by so fast?
I feel like every time I close my eyes
I miss out on another chance.

So don't give up when the going gets you down
We've been here for too long
So hold on tight
'cause we're riding this one out
we're going out.

Ten deep we hit the streets
before this clock starts running out.
I've been locked inside this town for so long
So tonight's the night

(Of the same routine)
So follow me
the night is young
and you are not alone.
(Back to your feet)
Don't fall asleep
I refuse to do this on my own.

1 2 3 GO!


This time make up your mind
Decide, 'cause I already know
that its time to
cut the ties
and leave behind,
the only life that I have ever known.
(The only life that i have ever known)

This one could be the last one
Let's bring this city to its knees
Track Name: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Washed out.
I'll hold it back until it all pours out.
Backed down from the weight of all the world
But not now
It's late at night
and were just burning out
but I found a side of life worth living for.
and all this time i've wasted
leaves me wondering why,
but every answers undefined
so i'll just keep on wondering
'til I think myself to sleep.

So rip apart the photogragh.
There's nothing left to take i'ts place
But I don't think that really matters
in a world that holds you back.
Remind me now just where i'm at.

I try to stay afloat i'm drowning out
'cause all this shit just pulls me down
so every night I swim 'til I can safely rest ashore.
Half-open eyes 'cause I feel tired now
I probably should of thought this out.
I'm sleeping sound my problems I'll ignore.
If I could just stop the world you know that I would.
So hold your breath and make it last
This is not forever
This is oh so true.

Kick it back now kick it back now
Don't worry about it.
So carry on and we'll carry out and move along
and we'll just keep on doin' what we do.


(guest vocals by: Brandon Crawford of All Eyes To Harbor)
I've been wasting time
wasting space
finally found
room to breathe
room to breathe

I've been listening the whole time
waiting on the sideline
and it's all so true.
Life is just another game
I use to fill my spare time
when theres nothing else to do.

(I'm hoping for the day you'll realize what im saying
until that moment comes you know that i'll be waiting.
I'm making change and I'm being honest
I'll break routine but won't break a promise.
You got it all but I still see nothin'
I got the plan you never saw coming.
I'll stand back as you circle the drain
I told you that your life would never be the same.)
Track Name: Fools Like Me
Savor this now for a while
'cause this moment don't happen a lot.
It's not often that I see you smile
I would know if you faked it or not.
Forget me not
I'll keep to my own ways
searching for another face.
Hopefully one just as good as yours.
Hopefully one that won't keep me locked up behind these doors.

I wish that this was oh so true
But there's no one else like you.

(Get me out of this place)
Wide awake again tonight
(Save the lies for another day)
Promise me you'll be alright
You can scream in my face saying that it's okay
I wont hear that.

Maybe just forget about it all.
Or I'll put my fist through the wall.
I was never the one to be undecided
I know what I want and I just cant fight it.
Summer air blows through her hair
I'll play her games
That awful game only fools like me would play.

I wish that this was oh so true
But there's no one else like you
Who knows me like you do.

(Get me out of this place)
Wide awake again tonight
(Save the lies for another day)
Promise me you'll be alright
You can scream in my face saying that it's okay
I wont hear that.
(When did all this go wrong?)
1000 times you closed your eyes
(A place where you don't belong)
1000 chances passed you by
You've gone all the wrong ways
I just hope that one day you will see that